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This Week the hosts interview David Tuaty Road Racer and Driving Instructor about his racing career and his racing school. Visit his website www.tlmusa.com and schedule a driver session. 

Taylor Burris interviews 2019 Nascar iRacing Peak Antifreeze Champion Zack Novak.

Chef John Dicks Cooks Up Grilled Chicken with Tomato-Avocado Salsa!

Jeremy Taylor Explains Nascar Safety Equipment and SFI Labels Part 1.

Bobby Dale Earnhardt and Andy Delay talk about the Legacy Team and the Nascar iRacing Fox Sports 1 Broadcast.

Steve Thomson has the results from the Old Bastards Racing League has the results of the Season Opener of the Nascar Burning Rubber Radio Truck Series at Atlanta Speedway.

Next Week The Burning Rubber Radio Show will be talking Racing – iRacing Results.  The replacement for all of our motorsports racing addicitons.  Make sure you tune in Live on Tuesday Nights at 7pm EST to ask questions and chat with the hosts of Burning Rubber Radio on our youtube channel.


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